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Pay Per Click (PPC)


PPC Management Services

If you want to send a ton of qualified traffic to your website quickly, our pay per click (PPC) Management Services are the way to go. JIOS Marketing is widely considered a leading resource for PPC account setup, optimization, management, and training.

How PPC Advertising Works

ppc2When someone searches the internet for your products or services, your ad will appear above or to the right of the search engine’s natural results. When they click on your ad, your customer will be directed to your website. Your ads will only run when they match a users search, and as the name suggests, you will only “pay” when someone “clicks” on your ad. As a result, PPC ads typically provide more value than other forms of advertising.

Effective PPC Advertising

Effective pay per click advertising campaigns rely on lots of variables. That’s why we developed a suite of pay per click services that not only make it easier for you to launch a campaign, but also, pay per click services that increase your website traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Our pay per click services include:ppc5

  • Campaign strategy
  • Keyword identification
  • Text ad development
  • Ad group organization
  • Keyword matching criteria (“broad match,” “exact match,” etc.)
  • Keyword bid management
  • Banner ad development and design
  • Geotargeting
  • Ad delivery scheduling
  • Reporting and evaluation

How we charge

You will be charged for the initial set up of the campaign (one time fee) and a monthly fee to monitor and adjust your account as needed

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